Service Formats

Basically there are three possible scenarios of co-operation:

  • You want to conduct a qualitative study, have already decided on the methodological procedure and are now looking for a reliable partner to put that project into practice. I am happy to support you competently and proactively.
    • execution 100 % to the point
    • thinking ahead – staying on top of the things – concentrating on the essentials
    • ample experience ensuring proper handling even of unexpected situations
    • commitment – dedication – flexibility – enjoy working
    • while always consequently focusing on your objectives.
  • You have got questions, need for knowledge, an empirical study being planned – and are now looking for professional support regarding the methodological approach and execution. I 'd be glad to provide you with qualified and results-oriented advice, in order to develop the research design tailored to meet your specific needs. That means: It's not a standard product that you receive, but one or several proposals specifically customized to your requirements.
    • During the conceptualization stage, this encompasses ...
      • in-depth understanding of background and relevant context
      • incorporating existing information / experience / knowledge
      • excitement for new ideas, exceptional strategies ... "thinking outside the box"
      • discussion of different options, where applicable
      • alignment on optimal methodological approach
    • ... and during execution ...
      • professional management of the entire process incl. all necessary agreements
      • continuous consulting & support in facility / field (e.g. presence during field work also in the context of international projects)
      • intelligent project management, characterized by iterative check of degree of achieving objectives and modification of intended procedure, if necessary and permanent orientation on projected usage context of the results
    • while continuously keeping strictly oriented towards your objectives.
  • You are looking for a high-skilled business moderator / facilitator for an internal or external workshop.
    • Just found!
    • I will lead your team in a professional way through the process, deploying a finely tuned, motivating combination of methodological and social competence, psychological sensitivity, well-dosed pragmatism and consequent orientation towards the respective objectives.

In practice often combinations of the settings outlined above occur ... And finally each project is one of a kind. Variatio delectat.

Successful co-operation with me is always characterized by

  • clear, direct, honest communication,
  • constructive-critical interposed questions,
  • solution oriented perspective,
  • excitement for the joint efforts
  • and last but not least: mutual appreciation and sympathy.